fair is fair

It’s a simple equation: Fair is fair.
Fair is living without fear. Fair is getting the healthcare you need. Fair is being able to be yourself.

Join us in supporting the movement—and help us make Utah a more just and fair place for everyone.


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FAIR IS improved
hate crimes legislation

Since its ratification in 2006, Utah's hate crimes law has rarely, if ever, been used to convict a single offender. Why? The law makes no mention of protected categories. It also never explicitly defines what a hate crime is. Without those specifics, victims don't have a chance of winning a hate crimes conviction. Because of this, we're all at risk.

Hate crimes not only hurt the victim; they harm the psyche of entire groups, creating backdrops of fear where people may feel compelled to hide who and what they are. Any one of us can be targeted because of our race, religion, gender, or sexuality. When someone attacks us because of the community that we represent, a hate crime has been perpetrated.

Help us fight for an update to Utah's hate crimes law.

FAIR IS protecting
LGBTQ minors

Despite being rejected by every mainstream medical organization, "conversion therapy" persists. The effects of this damaging practice can lead to depression, anxiety, and even suicide, and minors are especially vulnerable.

Three states and the District of Columbia have passed laws banning conversion therapy for minors, and 18 more states have introduced similar legislation

It's time to add Utah to the list.

FAIR IS healthcare
for everyone

There are real barriers to obtaining health services for transgender people, and many doctors lack transgender health care competency. In a 2012 survey, the NTDS found that almost 20 percent of respondents had been refused medical care outright because of bias.

Help us make it easier for transgender Utahns to find doctors and get the basic care they need.





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