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Will Terry

Political & Development Coordinator


Will Terry is driven to lead with a commitment to equality, diversity, and positive change. Born in Salt Lake City and having lived in various parts of the world, Will uniquely appreciates diversity’s beauty. His global experiences have instilled in him a belief that every individual, regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic background, gender identity, or sexual orientation, deserves equal treatment.

Dedicated to fostering change at the grassroots level, Will's professional journey until Equality Utah had predominantly been on political campaigns, supporting candidates who share his values. 

His passion for human rights has led him to serve on the Salt Lake City Human Rights Commission. In this role, Will works to end discrimination in Salt Lake City and enhance the general welfare of its diverse residents. At times, advising the City Council and the Mayor’s office on related policies and ordinances. Will remains deeply committed to mobilizing Utah's next generation to drive community change.

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