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Darryl Dzapasi

Social Media Coordinator


My name is Darryl Dzapasi from the sunshine city of Harare, Zimbabwe. I’ve been working in the Social media scene for almost 6 years now. I work behind the scenes as a creative strategist and coordinator and in front of the camera as a model and creative consultant. One of my most favorite clients to date has to be Alicia Keys during the launch of her skin care line. I was able to combine my love of poetry with my experience in the beauty industry during its launch. 

My top values are growth and honesty. As I navigate my work, my goal is always to grow and learn more about how things work so that I can in turn grow in my expertise. I believe honesty and growth work hand-in-hand, because if you are not honest about where you are, then how are you going to grow to be where you want to be. 

Outside of work I enjoy writing poetry, reading a good book, and conquering new territory on my runs. I love exploring the outdoors and making friends--with both people and nature. Most of my poetry is about love and its many expressions in everyday life.

Something funny about me is that when ever I was asked about whether I ski or not, my answer would be, “of-course not, I’m from Africa.” Well recently the joke was on me when my friend's response was, “what does that have to do with anything, there is literally a ski resort in South Africa.” Which is a neighboring country. I guess I really have no excuse now ;)

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