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Camlyn Giddins

Business Equality Leader Facilitator


Camlyn (she/they) was raised in a home of arts and social work. Her love for people translated into getting a BA in film and media arts. Camlyn loves the transformation that happens through relationships, art, and learning and she often works to create spaces or retreats that facilitate connection and healing.

In 2018 Camlyn began her career as a high school teacher where she designs curriculum and teaches new courses around art production, storytelling, service-learning, and culture. While teaching, Camlyn also worked as Community Engagement Manager at the LGBTQ+ Resource Center, Encircle, where she hosted events that invited conversation and understanding. She also represented the organization on local committees involving educators, healthcare workers, mayors, and parents. For four years, she offered cultural humility training to individuals of various industries and faith traditions in conferences, classrooms, workplaces, or church settings.

In the rare event that you find her out of work mode, Camlyn enjoys dancing, farmers markets, art shows, interviewing people, reading, watching a good film, learning something new, or being in nature.

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