Transgender Resource Guide

DISCLAIMER: While we tried to only include those resources that came from reputable sources, Equality Utah does not guarantee these resources. Equality Utah does not endorse any of the listed facilities, service providers or support groups.

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Filing a Discrimination Claim

  • EEOC: If you live in a jurisdiction that has housing and employment protections you can look up the name of the city/town or county and filling discrimination claim.
  • Article: Macy Ruling

Transgender Healthcare

Transgender Friendly Legal Help

In-Person Support


Utah Pride Center

Unversity of Utah

OUTReach Resource Center

Online Support and Information

  • Susan's Place is large repository of resources for the community, including chatrooms, forums and blogs, as well as resources for the signifcant others of trans* folks.
  • Laura's Playground is a large repostitory of resources and informination for transgender community members.
  • Trans Road Map is a large repository of resources for the transgender community.
  • T Job Bank is the first and only employment site designed specifically to bring employers and transgender professionals together.

Welcoming and Affirming Places of Worship

  • Transfaith™ is a national non-profit that is led by transgender people and focused on issues of faith and spirituality. 

Transgender Campus Support

See the LGBT Resource Guide

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