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Transgender Utahns

As human beings, we each have a gender identity and deserve to live it authentically. But sadly it is often more difficult for people to be supportive and respectful, express love and show tolerance for, or maintain open and honest communication with someone whose gender identity, expression, or beliefs differ from their own expectations about gender. This challenge is faced by people all across the gender spectrum, but it is especially concerning for transgender adults and youth because they are so often mislabeled, misunderstood, and marginalized by the majority of other people within their communities.

At Equality Utah, we envision a fair and just Utah for all of its citizens and believe that, in spite of our personal and cultural biases, we can all show mutual respect and kindness toward each other regardless of any differences between our gender identities or gender expressions. Doing so will help transgender people feel valued and accepted also as members of our communities. Ultimately, every person has a gender identity, we each want to live our own authentically, and we deserve to do so without fear of being shamed or rejected.

Transgender people deserve to live authentically


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