2022 Endorsement Slate


Jen Plumb
Senate District 9
Daniel W. Thatcher
Senate District 11
Nate Blouin
Senate District 13
Stephanie Pitcher
Senate District 14
Jill Fellow
Senate District 20

House of Representatives

Patrick Belmont
House District 3
Kris Campbell
House District 4
Rosemary Lesser
House District 10
Sandra Hollins
House District 21
Jen Dailey-Provost
House District 22
Brian S. King
House District 23
Joel K Briscoe
House District 24
Angela Romero
House District 25
Elizabeth Weight
House District 26
Clare Collard
House District 27
Fatima Dire
House District 30
Karen Kwan
House District 31
Sahara Hayes
House District 32
Doug Owens
House District 33
Carol Spackman Moss
House District 34
Mark A Wheatley
House District 35
Lynette Wendel
House District 36
Ashlee Matthews
House District 37
Hope Goeckeritz
House District 39
Andrew Stoddard
House District 40
Gay Lynn Bennion
House District 41
Robert Spendlove
House District 42
Dee Grey
House District 44

County Seats

Arlyn Bradshaw
Salt Lake County Council District 1
Aimee Winder Newton
Salt Lake County Council District 3
Suzanne Harrison
Salt Lake County Council At-Large
Sim Gill
Salt Lake County District Attorney
Eve Furse
Summit County Clerk
Rob Latham
Washington County Attorney
Lannie Chapman
Salt Lake County Clerk
Rosie Rivera
Salt Lake County Sheriff

School Board

Sarah Reale
State Board of Education District 3
Carol Lear
State Board of Education District 6
Audryn Damron
State Board of Education District 8
Bryce Williams
Salt Lake School Board Precinct 1
Ashley Anderson
Salt Lake School Board Precinct 3
Stacy Bernal
Ogden School Board Precinct 2
Yvette Romero
Granite School Board Precinct 6
Meredith M. Reed
Park City School Board District 4

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