Racial & Economic Justice

For decades, anti-gay activists have attempted to frame communities of color and the gay and transgender community as mutually exclusive in an attempt to pit members of one ostracized group against another. Popular culture often perpetuates this myth by focusing exclusively on images of wealthy gay white men.

Gay and transgender Utahns are members of every race and economic class. Additionally, statutes and policies which are hurtful to lesbians and transgender people are made worse by racial and economic disparities.

All gay and transgender individuals are economically vulnerable under Utah law. Gay and transgender people of color face unique obstacles to a fair and just Utah. Ultimately, when any group is singled out for unequal treatment, every identifiable minority is at risk.

Equality Utah works to secure equal rights and protections for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Utahns and their families. Accordingly, we will support policies that alleviate existing racial and economic disparities. We will oppose policies which perpetuate the existing divide.

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