Legislative Scorecard

Summary of 2012 Legislative Session

During the 2012 Legislative Session, Equality Utah was actively involved in supporting, opposing, and monitoring many different proposed legislation and policy changes. We successfully galvanized support on issues affecting LGBT people and our families from a diverse array of individuals and organizations, including some unlikely allies who worked with us to defeat some very problematic bills. This year we saw unprecedented support for a statewide nondiscrimination bill in housing and the workplace. Unfortunately that support wasn’t enough for some of our legislators. We also saw an unwillingness of some legislators to educate themselves about our community, our families, and our values. Although we saw success and setbacks, our fight for equality continues, our dedication to the people of this great state is unwavering, and our commitment to securing a fair and just Utah will never die.

SB 51 Statewide Nondiscrimination Protection Amendments (Supported)

Sen. Ben McAdams

Tabled in Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee

Yes vote: Knudsen, Dayton, Thatcher, Jenkins

No vote: Anderson, Robles

SB 51 was a bill that would have provided statewide protections from discrimination for all Utahns in housing and the workplace. Sen. McAdams fought hard to find common ground with legislators who oppose this legislation but the Senate Committee refused to let the legislation pass. SB 51 wasn’t solely for protections in housing and in the workplace. SB 51 would have also offered protections from being terminated based on political speech outside of the workplace.


SB 99 Employment Amendments (Neutral with amendments)

Sen. Mark B. Madsen

Passed both chambers, signed by Governor

SB 99 will prohibit a municipality or county from enacting or enforcing an ordinance that establishes, mandates, or requires a private employer to establish or offer an employee benefit. Currently no Utah municipalities have enacted such ordinances. Equality Utah was initially concerned that SB 99 would prevent municipalities from prioritizing in an RFP (request for proposal) when contracting with outside companies. In the Senate Business and Labor Committee SB 99 was amended to read; “nothing in this section prohibits a municipality from considering accident and health insurance or life insurance among other criteria when issuing a request for proposals.”


SJR 24 Joint Resolution on Legislator Orientation (Supported)

Sen. Ross Romero

Failed to pass Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee

Yes vote: Anderson, Robles

No vote: Knudson, Dayton, Thatcher, Jenkins

SJR 24 would have required incoming legislators to receive information about the demographics of the state of Utah that would have included statistical information on age, gender, religion, race, ethnicity, and socio-economic standing, and diversity and sensitivity training to the many unique communities and demographics within the state of Utah. Senator Romero tried to amend the bill in committee to include national origin, sexual orientation, and gender identity. The motion to amend failed, as did the motion to pass out of committee with a favorable recommendation.


HB 274 Adoption Amendments (Supported)

Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck

Failed to receive a committee hearing

HB 274 would have allowed second parent adopting for LGBT couples. This bill was never given a committee hearing. This bill remained in the House Rules Committee for the entire session.


SB 126 Adoption by A Co-parent (Supported)

Sen. Ross Romero

Failed to receive a committee hearing

SB 126 would have allowed second parent adoption for LGBT couples. This bill was never given a committee hearing. This bill remained in the Senate Rules Committee for the entire session.


HB 363 Health Education Amendments (Opposed)

Rep. Bill Wright

Passed both chambers, vetoed by the Governor

HB 363 is Utah’s sex education bill that limits sex education to either abstinence only or nothing at all, but also prevents educators from supporting or sharing factual information with LGBT students. Equality Utah is still actively engaged in stopping this legislation that might result in litigation due to its questionable constitutionality.


HB 501 Youth Suicide Prevention (Supported)

Rep. Eric K. Hutchings

Passed both chambers, The Governor signed HB 501

HB 501 requires the State Board of Education to provide suicide prevention training for licensed employees. Equality Utah strongly supported this bill and was disappointed in the legislators who voted against this live-saving legislation.


HB 64 Amendments to Public Employee Health Care (Supported)

Rep. Brian Doughty

Tabled in the House Business and Labor Committee

Yes votes: Bird, Brown, Doughty, Duckworth, Dunnigan, Froerer, Ipson, Kiser, Last, Morley, Webb, Wiley, Wilson.

No vote: None

Absent- Pitcher

HB 64 would have allowed state employees to insure financially interdependent members of their household. The bill was finally heard in House Business and Labor on the last day for committee hearings. While HB 64 was tabled in this committee, it was placed on the list of possible bills for consideration during the Interim Session.






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